How to setup Smart IPTV (siptv) on Smart TV

Important Notice: This application is not a free to use product and it must be activated for a small fee. 

Step 1: Start by downloading the smart IPTV app (SIPTV) for your smart TV.
Write down the Mac address of the device as shown on the screen when the app starts.

Go to and click activation.

smart iptv siptv

And Activate your device:
smart iptv siptv

Step 2: Now you need to upload the playlist. Click on, My List
smart iptv siptv

3. Here you must place your TV mac address and the m3u URL and click on Add link.
smart iptv siptv

Step 4 Enter your playlist (m3u url) into the bottom middle box.  

Copy the M3U Playlist URL  given from your EMAIL. Please check your junk folder if email is not found in your inbox.

Step 5 Pick the I am not a robot box and do caption if required.

Step 6 Choose country you are living in (or closest to you). Leave "Keep Online" unchecked.

Step 7 Press add link you should see a message saying playlist added on website.

Step 8 Close app on tv then reopen it you will see that all channels have been added to your smart iptv.

Step 9 Grab a beer and watch some tv.

NOTE: If you closed the Application, and did NOT receive any channels, please
go to, and enter your MAC Address on the last box
called "Reset Playlist".  (See Picture Below)  Then click "Reset" after you pick 
the I am not a robot box and do caption if required.  
After you reset, proceed back to step 4.

- VOD (Video on Demand) uses a lot of cache, The memory on some smart TVs is poor. Adding a USB stick can help with memory.
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