How to install and set up Perfect Player on Android Devices and Amazon Fire TV/Stick


Install Perfect Player from the Playstore or from here
1. Open Perfect Player
2. Open Perfect Player Settings Menu (cog icon)

iptv perfect player

3. Select General

iptv perfect player

4. Select Playlist 1

iptv perfect player

5. Enter the m3u line you received by email in this format
Example :

(Remember to replace your m3u Username and Password which was given in your email confirmation from us)

iptv perfect player

6. Give the playlist a name
7. Select OK
8. Select EPG 1

9. Enter the xmltv line you received by email in this format


Delete the xxxx after username= in the url at the top and enter your username ( CHECK FOR TYPOS )
Delete the xxxx after password= in the url and enter your password ( CHECK FOR TYPOS )

10. Change download if no data on current date to Download at Each Update (drop down menu click on little triangle)
Select OK
11. Press Back Twice
12.  Press the 3 line button on remote/c on keyboard/touch screen touch little square icon top left
13. Change Epg Show Epg to Epg Hide Epg

If all steps have been done correctly and there are no typos you should have a Channel List and EPG
If it doesn’t load a Channel List or EPG the corresponding url has a typo you have done it wrong.

Please note, in order to get the best playback experience try different decoder options in settings.


Change decoder to software
Pixelation on VOD change decoder to Hardware or HW+
Settings (Cog Icon) > Playback > Decoder > Choose Decoder Required
(Use Auto as default and change back after)

EPG has disappeared after web grab

Settings(Cog Icon) > Epg 1 > Change to Download at Each Update > Select OK > Press back twice let guide populate > go back to Epg 1 > Change to Download once a day

Limited EPG

Check you are set to Download once a day and not to Download if no data on current date
Settings (Cog Icon) > General > Epg 1 > Change Download Setting > Select OK for it to take effect

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